Just as much as we love making the users of our applications and games happy we love making our clients happy, which we do by making their users happy, if you are an IT person you have already spotted the recursion pattern which we employ to push the happiness level as high as possible for everybody. If you are in need of creating an application or a game or just seek help with a specialized task your team struggles to handle, check below how we can make You happy.


The TV revolution is happening right now and we have the expertise and experience to bring your content to the big screen, being it a smart tv, game console or a set-top-box. On top of that, using our multiplatform approach you will be able to get your content to all platforms using a single source code, only with specific modifications for the various platforms.


Mobile means touch today and we are excited about the new way of interaction with devices both on the move and on your couch. Being open minded and staying true to our Every Screen promise we create both iOS and Android applications from one code base, so you won't be paying extra to target each platform.


We play on Facebook, we make make friends on Facebook and we make business on Facebook. No matter if you want a simple fan page, mini game to support your marketing campaign, large multiplayer game experience, social app, use Facebook credits or any other Facebook API in your existing app or just an advice on how to create your Facebook presence and leverage the social aspect to support your business we will be happy to help you.


Having years of hands-on experience from numerous projects we can help you with highly specialized tasks your team may struggle to handle. Building on a general computer science background we concentrate on a carefully chosen set of technologies.

We love the web, where ever it is, being it desktop, mobile or smart tv. With the ever expanding support of HTML5 in modern browsers we are getting yet another tool to deliver outstanding experience to every screen out there. While being excited we are fully aware of the limits and can offer the right technology mix to get beyond the constraints of the browser.

Adobe is the leading provider of development tools for both the web, desktop and mobile. We master tools such as Flash & Starling to create stunning web based and mobile games, Flex to create RIA for the web and mobile and BlazeDS to connect the created front-ends to a realiable and scalable Java EE backends. With more than 12 years of experinece we are real ActionScript ninjas with knowledge of low level programming and GPU acceleration.

Our Java experience ranges from Java ME midlets for old school mobile handsets, over Java SE development for traditional PC desktops to Java EE server side solutions for both web RIA applications using the request/response model and application socket servers for real-time multiplayer games. Multithreaded programming pattern is also no secret to us as we stretch Java to its max. Our preffered servlet containers are Jetty and Tomcat while using the amazing Grails framework to quickly create web applications in the Ruby on Rails style.

Google App Engine is the prime time cloud PaaS that stands on the shoulders of the biggest internet giant on the planet. The Google infrastructure is provided to the software development community so it can build highly scalable applications with unprecedented availability at very competitive price of both development and operation. Having used this solution for a vast majority of our applications we can recommend it to our clients with confidence.

One of our most valued know-how is audio/video/data streaming. Whether you need to build an audio/video streaming web site, video conferencing app or a massive real-time multiplayer game we can use our knowledge to help you achieve your goal. Our preferred technologies in this field are Java based solutions from Wowza and Red5.

We love PHP for what it's best at - getting the job done. Having a long time relationship with the LAMP stack gives us the right know-how to implement solutions based on this industry standard. The Zend Framework is yet another standard we use when working with PHP.

RoR has brought a new and fresh approach to rapid software development. Building apps with RoR is fun and that's something we always look for in our software development process. Together with the Heroku cloud we have found in RoR yet another way of bringing the best user experience to every screen.

We are not a part the hype, we just found the Node.js with Socket.io to be a pretty good technology for pushing data through WebSockets from client to client or server to clients in our multiplayer games. If you're looking for a solution where you need to push real-time text based data to your clients we can help you with this piece of technology.

MySQL is a standard for small to mid level applications. We enjoy the ease of use of the technology to streamline our data persistance process and give our applications a save haven for their data.

SQL is nice, but sometimes it just can't cope and that's when we employ our NoSQL skills to scale our data persistance to support milions of our users out there. Our NoSQL database of choice is the Google BitTable within the Google App Engine. However there are cases that require yet another approach to data persistance and then we look up to our graph database skill set, especially to our favourite Neo4j.