Bringing great games to every screen is our passion, but we don't want to stop there, our long term goal is to package our in-house created solutions and offer them to fellow developers as products and services.


A Facebook puzzle game we are preparing to bring to other platforms like mobile, smart tvs and play consoles. Try to train your brain NOW!.


We are working on a new puzzle multiplayer game which is going to hit the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store and Facebook soon, if you like our Facebook Page you will definitely get noticed when it becomes available :o).


Our beloved game, that brings the joy of fishing to thousands of players on Facebook. Through playing you can enjoy the beauty of deep lakes with the sounds of nature while chasing your next big catch and learning more about the craft of fishing alongside. Learn for yourself NOW!.


Our first independent game takes place on the web and brings a fun strategy, that is easy to learn yet a challenge to master. You con choose from a number of maps or create your own and try your logic skills against other 5 AI players. The best way to learn is to play NOW!.