We are proud to have made many of our clients and their customers happy over the years and staying dedicated to bringing more great experience to every screen in years to come. Below you can check a chosen subset of our well done jobs.


Our own in-house developed Facebook game that brings the joy of fishing to thousands of players on Facebook. Through playing you can enjoy the beauty of deep lakes with the sounds of nature while chasing your next big catch and learning more about the craft of fishing alongside. Learn for yourself NOW!.

Platforms: HTML5, Adobe Flash/Flex, Java EE, Google App Engine, BlazeDS


Glogster is the #1 US educational social network and the most creative way of publishing information. We provided consulting services for Glogster over 2.5 years period and helped to launch the new version of the service using HTML5 and Adobe Flex on the front end and Java EE in Google App Engine cloud on the backend.

Platforms: HTML5, Adobe Flash/Flex, Android, iOS, Java EE, Google App Engine, BlazeDS


Collaborative white board painting application for the web and iOS, thousands of people drawing and having fun together. We created the entire real time data sharing backend using Java EE and Red5.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Java EE, Red5.


The smart way to sell your expertise online on a pay per minute basis, in other words one of the leading online marketplaces for experts and people in need of their advices. We created the entire audio/video/text chat module, connected it into their eco-system and provided valuable security consulting.

Platforms: Adobe Flex, Java EE, Red5.


The digital agency of our heart, that's how we would describe our long term relationship. Together with SMBLZ we created many engaging experience for leading brands, you can see a short summary of some of them below.


A casual game used in a czech Vodafone campaign for mobile number transfers. Your goal is to run through the maze before you run out of time. You can play it by clicking on the image.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL.


A casual game used in a czech Vodafone campaign for Christmas. Your goal is to steer your ice sled on a frozen river and get through all the levels, it won't be easy as there are many distractors. A classic arcade with winter theme. You can play it by clicking on the image.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL.


A casual game used in a czech Vodafone campaign for the Valentine's day. Your goal is free the princess by defeating all the evil and avoiding dangers in this classic jump & shoot arcade. You can play it by clicking on the image.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL.


A casual game used in a czech Vodafone campaign. Your goal is obviously to find pairs, alongside you can enjoy images of bellies and funny videos of the presenter.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL.


A casual game used in a czech Vodafone campaign for new mobile tariffs. Your goal is to blow away as many objects as possible by taking a deep breath and releasing it. You can play it by clicking on the image.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL.


A fun sudoku community was created for Wrigley, it featured weekly competitions, score statistics, real-time multiplayer sudoku boards, mobile phones version and more. At its peak time there were more than 50 000 active players.

Platforms: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Java ME, PHP, Adobe Flash, MySQL.


The PwC, executives felt they needed an in-house photo sharing and presenting application to bring their teams a bit more together. So we created a desktop app which they used to build and deploy their photo scrap books into the PwC Lotus Notes system.

Platforms: Java SE/Swing, C++, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Adobe Flash.


The leading UK online gambling provider with many fun games and never ending taste for improvement. We developed three games for these guys and had a great time doing so.

Platforms: Adobe Flash.


Picsel once was a very promising company focused on the japanese and korean mobile handsets market, we developed a full featured email client for NTT Docomo handsets that were set to rival iPhone on the japanese market.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, C++, Java ME.


One of the leaders in educational gaming for kids on the german market. We were lucky to get the opportunity to provide consulting for this Hamburg based company on their framework design.

Platforms: Adobe Flash/Flex.


Major online gambling player on the german market. We provided development and architecture consulting for the Hamburg based team.

Platforms: Adobe Flash/Flex, Java EE.


One of the biggest and definitely one of the coolest Facebook multiplayer games developer. We developed a bunch of prototypes and components for their amazing eco-system.

Platforms: Adobe Flash/Flex.


A very interesting project for the HVB(later bought by UniCredit) bank. It was a client facing application based in the bank, where users interacted with it by hand touching the image projected on the wall, we built the solution on a unique IBM framework, which could pick the touches using a camera mounted on the projector.

Platforms: Adobe Flash, C++, IBM EID, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, Java EE/Red5 Media Server.


Pairs English learning application for pre-school kids created for our PMQ Software client.

Platforms: iOS/iPad