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Solution Architecture

From discussing your business needs to well documented UML architecture, that serves as your project's blueprints. Security and scalability is always an inseparable part of the thought process.

Application Development

On time and on budget, well tested and documented implementation, crafted using the latest industry standards. Targeting desktop and mobile Web, Android, iOS, Smart TVs or IoT, deployed in the cloud.

Video Streaming

Scalable solutions for AV, VR or telerobotics with the lowest possible latency, utilizing technologies such as WebRTC, DASH, HLS, TURN, Janus Media Server, MediaSoup, Red5 or Wowza.


Throughout my career, I have worn many hats – developer, devops, architect and leader – always centered around key principles that form the bedrock of successful businesses:

Team Empowerment:

Recognizing that a well-functioning team is vital for success. I believe in empowering team members, offering mentorship, fostering mutual support, and creating lasting memories during 3 a.m. hotline debugging sessions :).

Efficient Technical Solutions:

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of backend, frontend, infrastructure and software architecture. I consistently seek the most efficient solutions, with the goal to construct secure, budget-friendly and timely products and services.

Business Focus:

The importance of aligning technical decisions with business objectives is crucial. While meticulous within the technical domain, I always keep an eye on the bigger picture, ensuring that systems support overarching business goals.

Proactive Approach:

Continuous ideas sharing is the catalyst for improvement and innovation. I believe that this not only enhances products and processes but also provides valuable learning opportunities.

End-to-End Understanding:

As a hands-on practitioner, I strive to comprehend every facet of a product, from design and choice of technologies to the entire chain of events. This holistic perspective allows me to confidently tackle complex challenges.

I have leveraged these principles to design and build software solutions across diverse industries, including gaming, video streaming, marketing, hospitality, and robotics. My passion is Proof of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, delivering rapid results. Additionally, I bring invaluable experience in supporting, documenting, and re-engineering mission-critical legacy systems.

But don't take my word for it and check my recommendations below or even more on my LinkedIn profile.

Scott Osborn VP Global Delivery, Platform Build | Video Experiences - Deltatre

Having worked with David for several years on a number of Projects, I found him hard-working, knowledgeable and most importantly within our relationship he had the ability to communicate clearly and effectively at multiple levels within the team and wider stakeholders. He was always a pleasure to work with and was consistently very much a team player both within the confines of the project team but also within the wider office group. I hope to work with him again in the not too distant future.

Hizam Sahibudeen General Manager & Head Of Engineering at iflix

David is very passionate about technology and software engineering. With his diverse knowledge, he is able to tackle a wide variety of problems both in backend and frontend technologies. On top of solving technical problems, he played a significant role in helping grow the team of developers here in Prague. He is always ready to jump onto any new problem and finds the best solution and quickly validates the business value. He communicates effectively both internally and externally between developers and also non-technical stackholders. He is one of the most positive and cheerful person to work with.

Nándor Kostyó-Pajer Streaming Engineering Lead at Docler Holding

I had the privilege of working with David for 5 years, and he amazed me from day one with his open, friendly attitude and exemplary attention to detail, giving 110%, whether it was some bugs to be squashed, or a new platform design to be worked out. We were always able to discuss any topics, either personal or technical, his supportive and professional personality made him a highly valued teammate, and friend. David is an experienced engineer, with a "can do" attitude, who can also help others rise: an invaluable asset to any team.

Erez Marmor Live Streaming Development Team Lead at DAZN X

David is a passionate problem solver and an excellent web developer. In addition to his technical skills, he is pleasant and funny to work with, always glad to get feedback and improve. I learned a lot from you David and you'll be sorely missed - hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Igor Lvovsky Engineering Lead | System Software Architect at DAZN X

David is a great engineer and a team player. David is a real domain expert and a quick learner. We were lucky to have him on our team. David brings a huge value as an engineer to the team goals and as a person to the team vibe. I'll highly recommend David to anyone who wants to move fast with the best people around.